*Sticky* Camo Fabric 20171209
Camo colorways

zip download

*Sticky* Build Page All v04 20170525
added bachelor, rainier and denali models

zip download

Animation v07
sped up tacoma/shasta closing and did paint cleanup around ladder


Animation v06
removed w logo, removed deadspace


Animation v05.0003
sped up mini/tacoma transition and tacoma packing, fixed the shadow errors and tightened up any other deadspace


Animation v04.0001
addressed notes from v03


png sequence download


Animation v03.0031
tons of changes, addressed notes from v02


Working on v03
added buckles, straps, door fabric, etc. tweaked textures and models, did higher resolution cloth simulations

Animation v02.0005
worked more on the tent texture/look

Animation v02.0004
fixed shadow

Animation v02

Draft Animation

Denali Tent (Cool Gray 7C) w/Wrangler

Draft Render – Animation through storyboard 6

Shasta (no vestibule)

Animation WIP

Shasta Annex Bright Green – Extending Ladder

Tent Cover

Tent pantone colors, new detail sculpt, texturing, shading

Vehicle Rigging with auto wheel rotation

Telescoping Ladder Rigging

Extending Ladder

CVT Trailer

Vehicle Look Development

WIP – turntable


WIP – simulating tent opening


WIP – added truck, changed lighting


Tent texture WIP


Tent detail sculpting WIP


Tent UV layout & initial sculpting WIP




Ladder Model WIP


CVT Tent Quote 20170208